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Well, THIS is exciting: We are rolling out our very first network partnership with…drumroll please… Freelance Founders!

We originally connected with Freelance Founders back in early 2020 (in the Before Times!) on the recommendation of several shared connections. We quickly realized that our “Venn diagrams” overlapped quite a bit – we were both in the business of supporting flexible careers in the creative/marketing space, and yet were both going about it from different – but complementary – angles. Since then, we’ve shared a ton of resources, industry knowledge, and business advice over the past few years. As we looked to build out our partner program, Freelance Founders was our obvious first choice due to their highly vetted and experienced talent pool, super-engaged community, and our overall alignment about the future of freelance work!

The TLDR is that this partnership will enable Sandy to bring even more top creative freelancers into our flexible department team model, and in turn will provide incredible project opportunities with major brands to the Freelance Founders community. 

“Under the hood”, so to speak, is where the magic really happens. As we build flexible department teams for our client partners, this new integration means that we’ll be able to bring even more highly-qualified talent to the table. We’ve built a full-scale system integration that connects our platform’s job board to Freelance Founders, so we’ll be able to share roles without having to manage external postings and their members will be able to seamlessly apply for the role right from the Freelance Founders site. This is major news for our Talent team, client-side partners, and applicants themselves – everyone knows time is money, and having instant access to a highly-qualified talent pool is like striking gold. Now that we’ve built this automation framework, it also means we’ll be able to easily expand our Network Partner Program with additional networks as we grow.

If you’re unfamiliar with Freelance Founders, let us help make some intros:

Freelance Founders helps connect the top creative freelancers from all around the world, empowering them to find creative and financial freedom. 

Their platform offers creatives a vetted community of like-minded freelancers to connect and collaborate together. Their members are all mid-to-senior level freelancers or agency founders in the creative, tech, and marketing fields (#relevant!) with experience working with leading brands and celebrities such as Apple, TikTok, Hulu, Ariana Grande, Bon Appetite, Refinery 29, The New York Times, Vogue, Louis Vuitton, Moncler, Nike, Adidas, New York Fashion Week, and more.

Freelance Founders hare professional development resources and education targeted toward the independent career path through the Freelance Founders Podcast, digital events, in-person meet-ups. They also maintain a freelance job board (which is where this partnership comes in!), a live freelance rate sheet, and publish exclusive perks for their members each quarter.

And a few words from THE Founder of Freelance Founders, Carolyn Bothwell

“We are aligned and excited by Sandy’s approach to creating flexible departments, and strive to continue to support and promote the growing freelance workforce. We know that Sandy works with incredible brands and agencies and we can’t wait to watch our members collaborate on larger projects together.

We’re looking forward to seeing our members collaborating on projects that are rewarding — both creatively and financially. With every project a freelancer takes on, they are able to learn new skillsets and strengthen existing offerings, as well as enhance their personal brand by aligning with well-known companies. Through this partnership, we hope that our members feel as though they are growing in their own personal career paths and feel more confident in their freelance offerings. 

Beyond that, we’re excited to meet and welcome folks from the Sandy talent network into the Freelance Founders community as well!”

We are thrilled to roll this partnership out, and are so grateful for industry pals like Carolyn that see the shared potential in growing stronger together! If you’re interested in learning more about our Network Partnership Program, please reach out to