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At Sandy, we excel at helping you solve your creative resourcing challenges. We’re industry experts with agency chops and a robust, highly-talented network, making it easy for you and your teams to succeed at any level.

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Get the right talent. Drive more growth.

We carefully curate our talent pool so you always get the perfect fit. With flexible, simple Elastic Team solutions, we eliminate the hassle of finding, hiring, and managing talent, so you can focus more on the important stuff: like driving growth and unleashing innovation.

For Talent

Looking for work? It starts here.

We only work with the best. So when you’re in our pool, you’ll swim with some of the most talented creatives around. Plus, we empower you to drive your career on your terms – from rates, to work hours, to preferred projects. Here at Sandy, we’ve always got your back.


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We’ve got a full network of creatives who’ve worked with the best of the best.


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