Fact 1:
Working in an office is 2000-and-late, but… the benefits.
Fact 2:
“Going freelance” can be terrifying, but… the freedom.
Fact 3:

Sandy was built to give you the best of both worlds.

You're Welcome.

Sandy is a global talent network and service platform that’s built to enable the world’s most talented advertising minds to work whenever and wherever they want, with all the pros and none of the cons of #agencylife.

Beyond time and place flexibility, Sandy offers the same internal support and benefits of a brick-and-mortar advertising agency, which frees up our team’s time to maximize creativity, productivity, and efficiency.

We think you’ll like this!

Want to work ON Sandy?
You should know:

Laptop + Internet = WFW(herever). Our platform unites teams to produce incredible work, which means you can do it wherever you want to be.

Our vetting process is hard. Sandy is an elite network of experts, and our category leaders make sure our talent pool stays that way. Be warned!

Teamwork makes the...you get it. Our in-house project managers keeps everyone on track. Are you a (colloquially) killer PM? We're hiring those too!

Benefits! Swag! Community! We've got the whole "perks" thing down. 40 hours/month (not "/week") gets you access to healthcare, a 401k, and more.

Want to work WITH Sandy?
You should know:

Our no-joke vetting process means that no matter your project, you’ll be working with the very best brains in the industry, not just in the room.

Centralized strategy + project management = an actual partner who knows your business as well as you do. Also - no more chasing freelancers!

Single-vendor accounting: Did your eyes glaze over? Maybe just send a screenshot to your AP department. Trust us, it’s better than stacks of 1099s.

It takes a village. We build freelance teams to help tackle business-driving work beyond a "gig". Though, we can probably help with those too.