What are the perks of working with Sandy?

So many. Depending on your contract, we offer stipends, health insurance, time off, and retirement savings options. Plus, you’ve got a team of experts working behind the scenes on contracts, invoicing, and more – so you can focus on the things you enjoy most.

Here’s a closer look at our benefits:

Our remote-first approach means you can work from home or anywhere you feel most productive.

Consistency & Flexibility
You focus on the work with our support and advocacy.

Show me the Money
Weekly payments. No more chasing invoices.

Competitive Compensation
You request your rate, and we help get you the best number based on current market rates and client needs.

Work with Great Brands
You get to create portfolio-building work.

Free virtual healthcare for all talent working on a client project

More benefits and perks!
Depending on the type of contract, we offer additional benefits like PTO, 401k, health insurance, or monthly stipends.