Leveraging Remote Teams for Growth

Despite a weird and challenging last year, many businesses are recognizing a shift in growth opportunities thanks to the changing world of work. Remote work has become the norm, as have distributed working teams. With work/life boundaries being blurred by Zoom, workers are compelled (and in the best cases, empowered) to bring their full potential to work, and are reaching for ways to make meaningful contributions with their time. On the same hand, brands are looking for ways to create quality work – at the speed of content consumption today – that aligns with the new needs of their target audiences.

If you’ve managed any project in the last year, you know that getting employees up to speed while they’re worried about remote learning, health issues…an entire freaking global pandemic… has been next to impossible. Yes, the world has literally and figuratively burnt to the ground, but what will come of the ashes in the coming months and years? Businesses are moving full-steam ahead towards the AfterTimes and finding ways to maximize collaboration and team productivity along the way. This means that the ability to tap into fully elastic freelance teams – that can hit the ground running – is going to be critical to any organization’s ability to be nimble, strategic, and lean.

In a world where you have a project with a tight deadline and a maxed-out team (uh, sound familiar?), a trusted and efficient freelance management partner is like a secret weapon: you can tap in vetted freelance experts on the fly, and your business gets to see results without having to worry about recruiting, onboarding, culture, benefits, or any of the long-term investments that come with hiring internally. Sandy can bring you talent options that not only fit your baseline criteria, we also use #algorithms and good old-fashioned savvy to bring you team members whose interests and soft skills match your organizational needs. This helps ensure you get a freelance team that can work well together and they’re able to get the most out of their experience too. Beyond finding the right team for the project at hand, Sandy handles onboarding, contract management, invoicing and the day-to-day project management support to see work through to completion.

Whether you’re looking for a team of 2 or 200, we’re able to build and manage custom solutions that can help your organization adapt to the new ways of work in the post-pandemic economy. Drop us a line when you’re ready to get started!